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january 6th, 2021

so, what am i doing?

i didn't have time to write a short story today because i outlined and wrote a big chunk of book instead (and because i woke up at, like, 4). i wanted to instead take the opportunity to talk about what i'm writing about.

the first (and main) story i'm writing is a little fantasy adventure thing about some teens who are on a quest that i don't wanna give too much away about yet. there's magic, a spooky cult, and a really huge moth. any time you see a short story on here about Mil, Chava, and that whole gang, that's set in that world! the stories here aren't like 'canon' really they're just for fun.

i'm also in the super early stages of writing something completely different. it's a sorta gothic horror character drama thing about a family who lives in this huge spooky house and the weird stuff that happens to them... and because of them. it's too early to say much about it but it's been on my mind a lot for the past few months. it's a lot more drama than horror but, well, i guess you'll see, someday.

finally, at some point i'm also gonna start editing my nanowrimo novel from last year, which is an airship fantasy that i've talked about a ton before and has just been slowly in the works forever.

i have a lot more floating around my head, but right now those are the big ones. i'm really hoping to self-publish something by the end of the year but right now i'm not sure how realistic that actually is. so, thanks for reading, please keep reading, and let me know when you think something i write is cool! it would make me really happy.

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